The Yellow Envelope | Life changing Adventures

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to just sell everything you own and go travel the world?! I sure have. I think it takes a lot of inspiration and willingness to do so. And you kinda have to have some money to do so as well. So you better start saving!

But for those of us who won’t actually do this, or think you can’t do it, let me introduce you to The Yellow Envelope. This book was pretty inspirational to me. It really encouraged me to want to do more traveling and to attempt the yellow envelope. This story is about a wife and husband, who decides to give it all up and go travel the world. They both were like you and I, working their day jobs, paying a mortgage, doing things and socializing with friends. But before they left their American lives behind, they were given a yellow envelope that would change the entire experience they were about to embark upon.

I will say that a few chapters after the couple started their travel journey, was a bit harder to get past. For me, I love listening to audio books and so while I was listening to this book, those few chapters seemed forever to get through. But they were very important to the book. Other than that, once I got past those chapters, it did become very interesting and I couldn’t stop listening. I wanted to read, or rather, listen to more.

On a side note, I must say that this is a great book for couples too. For me, I thought it challenged the understanding of each character in the book. It definitely shed light on how you should treat one another and to not be selfish. Especially in a relationship. Its not just about you, but also about your partner and the people around you who supports you in one way or another. Related or not.

Ultimately, I did enjoy this book very much. Like I mentioned earlier, it definitely inspired me and gave me a new perspective on traveling. With one small envelope, you can make a lot of difference in other people lives.

Now go read this! Happy Reading! (or listening lol)

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The Yellow Envelope