The Sweet Life book Review

Dulce Candy has been one of my favorite YouTuber for quite some time. I started watching her YouTube videos when she was doing lots of Forever21 Hauls. This was before she got married and had her son. Through my years of following her channel, I felt like I got to know the girl behind the camera. Then the super popular “Draw my life” videos happened and I connected even more. Before I started to read her book,  I thought I was going to read a lot of repetitive things that I already knew about her. But to my surprise, I got to know another side of Dulce that I never even expected.

She always came off as this beautiful fun loving girl that I connected with. After reading this book, I learned how amazingly strong of a woman she is. She shares a more emotional side to her and things she struggled with growing up to the woman she is now. From her days living in Mexico and immigrating to the U.S., to how her life has changed to what it is now, She shares very real tips on how to approach different aspects of growing up, finding yourself and life in general as well as some YouTube tips if you are an aspiring YouTuber. Why not learn from an expert?!

Perhaps I relate more to her because I am also an Immigrant but overall I think she resonates well with a lot of young women out there who have been through many struggles or are going through difficult times becoming the person they want to be. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to be inspired and learning from someone’s story that no matter what, you can make your dreams and goals become a reality.