How to remove waterproof Mascara

Is it just me or is there anyone out there who dislikes taking off their makeup at the end of the day?!!
I love having a clean face to put makeup on but I am terribly lazy to take off the makeup. So I end up waiting until the last minute possible before I shower for the night. I love wearing waterproof mascara because I know that no matter what, my mascara won’t run. (This is probably why I dislike removing my makeup, actually this is the reason lol.) I’ve been on the search for the perfect makeup remover that will remove waterproof mascara and so far the only one that I have found that actually works is the Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing balm.

I literally just pick up some of the product and place it on my lashes and start massaging the products into my lashes for 30 seconds and its practically magical. This is a pricey product but I am so glad I finally decided to try it out. I found a great deal during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but there’s always a sale! I got the Cleansing balm, Liquid makeup remover and a sample size mascara.


The set is currently on sale for $35.70 compared to the $42 price tag I paid. Or you can purchase the balm separately for $25.08 compared to $29.50. (Until the 15% off sale ends)

You can also purchase off of Amazon here:

I hope you enjoyed this post on one of my favorite discoveries for removing waterproof mascara. This has been the only products that takes off tough mascara from my lashes and avoids me getting cotton lint in my eye from those makeup removing pads. What’s your favorite waterproof makeup remover?