Its Almost My Birthday

It’s almost my Birthday! Yup! I will be turning another year older. Just like every other person existing in our crazy beautiful world. I had so much expectations for this birthday but sometimes, you just got to go with the flow. It’s like that saying “When we make plans, God laughs at them.” And I do believe that to a point. Of course I do believe that if there is a real goal in mind and we pray about it, he will help us get to where it should/need to be. It may not be EXACTLY what we want but afterwards, we see why it happened the way it did. At least most of the time we do. I had plans for my birthday weekend but, I think the change of plans will be for the best. So what is your girl going to do? Nada! lol. That’s right, I am going to just play it chill and go with the flow. So, cheers to all my Leo’s out there. lets have an amazing birthday no matter what! (Even if we just Netflix and Chill lol). 🙂